Is your Mac slow or did it stop working?
No problem, Captain Mac repairs all Macs.

What Captain Mac does:

Whether it’s repairing your Mac from liquid damage, damage due to dropping it, or it simply stopped working altogether suddenly, or whether you want an upgrade because your Mac became slow: Captain Mac will help you out!

Captain Mac has been at it since 2009: there are no issues with a Mac that we haven’t helped a customer out with.

Why choose us and not the Apple Store or Amac?
1. We’ll fix anything, even when your Mac had liquid damage or fell down.
2. We don’t have weird policies for support: here, your Mac won’t be called ‘vintage’ after just 4 years and declared unfixable! 
3. No repairs that last weeks; it will be fixed within days.
4. Captain Mac repairs Logic Boards (motherboards), why replace the whole board if it can be fixed for way less?
5. Captain Mac does all their own repairs and doesn’t outsource anything (unlike Apple and Amac), keeping prices low and no inexplainable delays .

Our shop is located in Kanaal30, thé creative hotspot of Utrecht. On the site, you will find Café Marcus, so should your repair be finished shortly, you can enjoy hanging out there and have a coffee while you wait.

Captain Mac repairs these common problems, amongst others:


Liquid Spill damage

In the case of liquid damage  there will be corrosion on the Logic Board (motherboard) 
When taking your Mac into the Apple Store or Amac, they’ll often quote you for a replacement Logic Board for an ungodly high price.
Amac nowadays, is advertising their TechSave drycleaning method: this involves ’thoroughly’ drying your Mac.
The problem however is, that any corrosion that’s bound to be present under chips, or any burned traces on your board will not be fixed or reconstructed, so you’re basically paying for nothing.
Captain Mac’s got lots of experience in repairing Logic Boards. We replace faulty components and rework circuitry on your Logic Board to make sure that you’ll have a working Mac at a fraction of the price of a new one!


Battery replacement

After some usage, your battery is wearing out. Maybe your Mac shuts down randomly, it simply won’t work for longer than half an hour, or it cuts out when the MagSafe charger is removed.
We stock most batteries and replace them for all types of Macs.


Logic Board problems

At the Apple Store, Amac or a lot of other repairshops, you are oftem told that you need a new Logic Board.
A lot of the times, your existing board is fixable!
Why replace the entire board if only a couple of faulty components can be swapped?
Here are just a few of the common fixes we do:
Burnt components due to use of imitation-chargers 
2010 MacBook Pro with Kernel Panics
2011 MacBook Pro with defective videochip
2012 MacBook Pro with no image or GPU-kernel panics.


Trackpad broken

Common issues:
The trackpad is not or not properly clicking, or the cursor is not properly tracking your finger movement.
No worries: Captain Mac has most trackpads in stock.


Question Mark Folder?

Your Mac boots up to a flashing Question Mark Folder?
Often times, this is an indication the harddrive is defective or the installation of macOS cannot be found.
We do reinstalls (and keep your data if needed), or have Captain Mac replace your harddrive for an SSD, making your Mac a lot faster in the process.


MagSafe Port not working?

Your Mac stopped charging? A lot of the times, replacing the MagSafe port will fix this. 
We stock most variaties.


Keyboard failed

Some keys not working as they should?
Power button not working?
99% of the time, this is caused by high humidity or liquid spill and we can fix that by replacing the keyboard.
Also available for Retina-MacBook Pros: don’t let other shops tell you you need to have the entire Top Case replaced!


Cracked Display

Dropped your MacBook and the screen is cracked?
Captain Mac replaces all types of MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air screens.


Captain Mac specializes in repairing liquid damaged Logic Boards

We fix Logic Board at component-level

Liquid damage is problematic because it corrodes sensitive components and traces on your Logic Board. 
At Apple’s Genius bar, they’ll quote you for a so-called ’Tier 4’ repair (the most expensive tier), giving you a price of €700-€1200 for a replacement Logic Board.
Captain Mac thinks this is B/S because for a fraction of that money, you can have your current Logic Board fixed by us.
We use advanced micro-soldering equipment that helps us to restore life to almost all Logic Boards.
So if you accidentally spilled some water, beer or cola on your MacBook: turn it off as quickly as you can to contain the damage and bring it by for a free estimate of the costs!

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How do others rate Captain Mac’s services?

Besides our high ratings on Google and Facebook, here is a small selection of reviews of our clients.

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"Dikke stress! Een wit scherm met een appeltje en verder niets. Aan de telefoon de rustgevende stem van Captain Mac: ‘Komt goed, ik kan je helpen.’ Een dagje later stond mijn iMac alweer vrolijk te snorren op mijn bureau, vriendelijk gerepareerd door de reparateur met goede uitleg en een milde rekening. Geen gedoe, snelle service en duidelijke uitleg. Captain Mac doet het gewoon.



Heel tevreden! In één dag gefixt, deze Captain raad ik iedereen aan!



"Perfecte service. Binnen een week mijn laptop terug en werkt weer als ouds na vochtschade. Eerlijk en niet te duur!"

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"I recommend it to everyone. Awesome service, quick, not like other top of the google list repair centers, which first rip you off and then give you a goodie soap worth 1 euro.. (oh irony) Simply great, thanks for bringing my Mac back to life!"

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